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Outcomes measure the growth of the regional economy, the extent to which economic growth is being enjoyed by everyone, and the attractiveness of the region for its current and potential residents.

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How to Read the Tiles How to Read the Tiles

Economic Growth

Gross Regional Product (GRP) Growth Rate is regarded as a comprehensive, high-level measure of the overall output and growth of the regional economy. Measuring the GRP on a per capita basis provides a way to measure the performance of one region relative to other regions.

Gross Regional Product (GRP) Growth
Gross Regional Product (GRP)


In the 2024 Regional Competitiveness Report, Tampa Bay increased in ranking from 9th to 8th with a GRP Growth Rate of 4.39%. The data shows that on average, all U.S. metro areas slowed considerably in this indicator. On a per capita basis, Tampa Bay remains 20th in rank, and behind the U.S. average, although our value improved by over $6,000 to $51,573.05.


  • An increase in these measurements indicate economic growth and increased prosperity and productivity.


  • Decreases in GRP per Capita indicate we are producing a lower market-value than the previous year.  Decreases in growth rates indicate a slow down in economic activity.


  • Consumer spending
  • Exports
  • Private investment
  • Local government spending