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Civic Quality

Civic Quality measures the affordability of a region, the health and safety of its citizens, and the recreational opportunities that impact its quality of life.

Best Practices & Deeper Dives

How to Read the Tiles How to Read the Tiles

Food Access

Struggles with hunger may reflect the need for households to make trade-offs between multiple basic needs, and among children may affect academic, physical, and social development.

Food Insecurity


The 2024 data shows the number of residents that face food insecurity fell 1.58 percentage points, although we continue to rank 16th in this indicator. In Tampa Bay, 10.50% of our residents facing challenges in accessing enough food to live an active, healthy life.


  • Represents an increase in the number of residents who face food insecurity
  • This may also impact the physical and mental wellbeing of residents, and educational performance for children and young adults.


  • Represents increased food access, which may reflect overall improved financial circumstances of the household, or increased access to affordable, healthy options within the community.


  • Food Deserts/ Food Swamps
  • Inflation 
  • Access to Transportation 
  • Household Income
  • Easier or increased access to Federal assistance, such as SNAP benefits
  • Increased availability and presence of non-profit resources