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Civic Quality

Civic Quality measures the affordability of a region, the health and safety of its citizens, and the recreational opportunities that impact its quality of life.

Best Practices & Deeper Dives

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Foster Care

Monitoring the number of children in foster care is a barometer of societal issues that may be developing in a community. According to research by the American Academy of Pediatrics, most foster children have been victims of repeated abuse and prolonged neglect. Beyond serving as an indicator of potentially chronic societal problems, these foster children require intensive assistance and support from public and private people and institutions.

Share of Children in Foster Care


Tampa Bay is above the U.S. average at 2.51% of children living with non-related households. 


  • Increases in foster care rates may require additional public and private assistance, as well as considerations to greater access to healthcare services for these children.


  • A decreasing rate of foster care may reflect that there is an appropriate level of support and resources to support a healthy family dynamic. 


  • Rates of Neglect and Abuse
  • Active Legal/Social Service Systems
  • Availability of Foster Care, Therapy, Substance Use Treatment, Parenting Classes, Employment Assistance, Mental Health Care