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Economic Vitality

Economic Vitality measures the quantity and quality of jobs within a region, the relative incomes that its residents earn, the wealth they attain, and economic opportunities for its entrepreneurs.

Best Practices & Deeper Dives

How to Read the Tiles How to Read the Tiles

Wealth and Household Income

The level of household earnings is an indicator of the relative prosperity of a community, its buying power, and reliance on the social safety net. We track the Median Household Income, as well as and the average (mean) of the lowest 20% of household incomes which helps to assess if economic gains in the community are being spread across the entire population. Median Net Worth helps to gauge retirement income available and the level of dependency a population will have on the government or non-profits for support.

Mean Household Income (Lowest Quintile)
Median Household Net Worth
Median Household Income


The average household income for the lowest quintile is a mere $15,351 annually. Tampa Bay’s Median Household Income increased to $68,859, and ranked 20th in our competitive set for the fourth consecutive year. For context, ALICE data published by United Way in their Household Survival Budget dashboard states that, on average, for a family of four in Tampa Bay to be able to meet basic needs, the household income must be $72,348 or more.

Additionally, the research shows a decline in Median Household Net Worth for Tampa Bay, while for the United States as a whole, the value improved. This could indicate that Tampa Bay residents are depleting their savings or liquidating assets to combat affordability concerns.


  • Increases to net worth may be tied to the value of real estate, investments, and less liabilities.


  • Decreasing values can be attributed to higher debt ratios and/or less real estate ownership.


  • Degree Production
  • Income
  • Access to and Participation in High-Paying Jobs