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Civic Quality

Civic Quality measures the affordability of a region, the health and safety of its citizens, and the recreational opportunities that impact its quality of life.

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How to Read the Tiles How to Read the Tiles

Quality of Life

The indicators below influence environmental health and population health outcomes. They also represent the availability of enrichment activities within a community. This is a key quality of life metric and important to retain and attract a younger generation of talent.

Median Daily Air Quality Index
Cultural & Recreational Establishments


The Tampa Bay region continues to rank highly in Air Quality with a score of 44, although we fell in ranking from 3rd place to 6th place.

Tampa Bay has improved performance in the number of cultural and recreational establishments at 4.62 per 10,000 residents, ranking 12th among the national comparison communities.  


  • For the Air Quality Index, improvements reflect a measure of health and low air pollutants, which is attractive to all. 
  • For Cultural and Recreational Establishments per 10,000 Residents, additions reflect more enrichment and entertainment opportunities which can help improve the quality of life for current residents, and attract and retain new businesses and residents.  


  • For the Air Quality Index, decreases in air quality can harm a community’s image, impact population migration, and the retention and attraction of new companies and jobs.
  • Decreasing performance in the cultural attractions indicator would represent a smaller commitment to recreation and cultural attractions.


  • Weather patterns
  • Ozone, pollution and smoke concentrations
  • Supportive business climate
  • Philanthropic contributions to the arts and entertainment
  • Expendable Income