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Infrastructure measures the quantity and quality of the investment a region makes in underlying structures, including transportation and broadband internet.

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Digital Access

In an increasingly technology filled world, digital access is a valuable indicator on how well households can potentially work and/or learn from home. Residents of these households are more likely to develop the digital skills that are commonly associated with high growth and high wage jobs.

Broadband Internet Access


Our region continues to make positive progress in expanding digital access. Based on the 2024 report findings, Tampa Bay is above the U.S. average in this indicator at 83.78%. While improvements have been made, work will need to continue as nearly 2 out of every 10 households in our region do not have a laptop, desktop or high-speed home internet connection. Tampa Bay ranks 17th out of the 20 national comparison communities in this indicator.


  • Increasing digital access is a positive signal of infrastructure which supports the needs of residents. In today’s day and age, a computer and internet connection facilitate learning, connection, and technological literacy is a growing requirement for many jobs.


  • Decreasing digital access is a signal of a broadening digital divide which can negatively impact lower-income households, making it more difficult to complete school work, search for, and apply for jobs etc.


  • Affordability 
  • Digital Literacy
  • Access to Technology 
  • Availability of Services