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Economic Vitality

Economic Vitality measures the quantity and quality of jobs within a region, the relative incomes that its residents earn, the wealth they attain, and economic opportunities for its entrepreneurs.

Best Practices & Deeper Dives

How to Read the Tiles How to Read the Tiles

Global Competitiveness

Manufacturing exports are an indicator of global competitiveness. Selling into global markets can add growth in revenues and employment.

Merchandise Exports Growth Rate


Based on the 2024 Report, Tampa Bay’s Merchandise Exports Growth Rate increased in performance to a value of 14.37%. This represents a positive bounce back from the early COVID-19 repercussions, which greatly impacted imports and exports during this period, depending on the types of products being exported as well as trade partners.


  • Increases to these values reflect higher employment and better economic growth which has positive economic impacts on key assets in Tampa Bay, including our ports and airports.


  • Decreasing values may be attributed to trade restrictions, challenges with primary trade partners, lack of demand and supply in a region’s products, or the global economic outlook.


  • Global Business Climate
  • Supply Chain
  • Trade Laws
  • Supply and Demand for a Region’s products