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Household IncomeTampa Bay


  • There are discernable differences in household income by race and ethnicity among Tampa Bay’s counties. 
  • Educational attainment plays a key role in the earnings of individuals, and the higher the level of attainment, the more likely an individual is to earn at or above the median in their county. 
  • The top 5 percent of households enjoy a disproportionate share of county household income in Tampa Bay, anywhere from one-fifth to one-fourth of all household income.  

Tampa Bay underperforms most of our comparison communities in the various indicators measuring household income and earningsWow the indicators present the mean and median performance of the region comma there is a great deal of variability based on geography, race and ethnicity, and educational attainment. 

Regional Performance

Among Tampa Bay counties, Sarasota reports the highest median household income ($58,400) while Citrus reports the lowest ($43,548). Among racial and ethnic groups, non-whites and Hispanic households generally report lower median household income, with the notable exception being Asian household, which significantly outperform all groups where data is available.  

Generally speaking, in the majority of counties, a bachelor’s degree is required to earn above the overall individual. Exceptions to this are in Citrus, Manatee, and Polk counties, where Some College or Associates attainers earn above the typical individual.  

Another factor to consider is the distribution of income across the spectrum of households. The top five percent of Tampa Bay households command a substantial share of the aggregate income, ranging from 20.21 percent in Citrus County to 25.39 percent in Sarasota County.